Doodle for board meetings

Schedule board meetings with busy stakeholders in minutes

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Find a time to meet for any size group - no matter how complicated the calendar 

Whether it’s a quarterly board meeting for a public company, or a year’s worth of monthly committee meetings for a non-profit, Doodle can help you quickly compare availabilities and book meetings directly into every member’s calendar.

Why companies love Doodle for board meetings

We are a pretty small organization… Doodle comes in handy when we work with our board members.

Beth Voegtli
Ronald McDonald House Charities
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With Doodle, I schedule meetings with VPs throughout the university, assistant VPs, and other directors COOs, CFOs, CTOs, chief executives throughout different departments.

University of Virginia
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I work as an Executive Assistant and schedule meetings for a Board of 11 trustees. With their various schedules I find it easy to create and send a poll out when I need to inquire about their availability.

Jessie J
Executive Assistant, Government administration
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Find the best time to meet for any number of busy people

Tired of sending “When can you meet?” emails to individual stakeholders or their executive assistants? Simply create and send out Doodle Group polls to your board and let them choose the times that fit their schedules. End back and forth emailing for good.

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Doodle transcends individual calendars 

Doodle works with everyone’s favorite calendar tools, regardless of whether your stakeholders are internal or external, or using Gcal or Outlook. With Doodle, you can find meeting times quickly and efficiently, and book them to everyone’s calendars automatically.

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Privacy and security built for large companies

Your calendar and those of your guests will always remain private. Doodle has ISO 27001 compliant AWS infrastructure, Cloudflare for DDoS protection, and offers SSO to keep end-user safe.

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Case Studies

See how companies are using Doodle to improve their business

Ronald McDonald House Charities logo.
Beth Voegtli / HR assistant

Doodle equips HR teams with the tools they need to excel at their work.

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University of Virginia logo
Sarah / Executive Assistant

Doodle helps to manage multiple executives’ calendars and schedule as many as ten internal and external meetings a week.

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